Our mission is to create a world in which all Rideshare drivers are supported and protected on the road.

We cater to all rideshare drivers & delivery drivers in today’s gig economy. We believe that these hard working individuals deserve the backing and support that other employees get working directly for companies. We’re on a mission to show Rideshare drivers that they have a team at the ready, waiting to assist them.

Express Claim Assistance: If you’re enduring a roadside collision, it can be seriously stressful and financially troubling if you don’t know what to do. That’s why the Rideshare Team has a support staff to walk through the claim process from the initial collision to the closing of the claim.

Rideshare Response Team: We have a response team that is at the ready to assist you 24-7. Enduring an accident can be terrifying. You probably aren’t sure where to turn. Our Response Team is trained and educated in Rideshare claims, repair finance, auto shop scheduling, and towing. We’re ready to help.

Express Insurance Deductible Assistance: can be as much as $2,500 today – that’s a lot of money, especially after wrecking your car. We have insurance deductible assistance, covering the payment for you so you can worry about paying it off later with us. We’ll finance your repair so you can get back on the road.

Rideshare Cars Express Repair: When your car is in an accident, the necessary repairs can be overwhelming. It can take repair shops up to 3-weeks to get everything sorted out, while you lose your income. We guarantee the fastest express repair support through our partnered auto body shops.

Rideshare Rental Car Assistance: Got in a collision? Have no Rideshare rental car? We provide an extensive support or information on how to get you back on the road, Don’t panic. Give us a call before you make any decisions.

We Time Our Auto Body Shops On Your Repairs: We have over 200 partnered auto body shops working with the Rideshare Team today. These are shops that complete repairs in 0-3 days, working with your timeline to make sure you are back up and running. We even time them to make sure they are adhering to the delivery standards.